Tuesday, May 04, 2010

12 weeks to get into the shape of my life

In exactly 84 days, I'll be in the Yukon starting my epic journey of backpacking and canoeing.  I've already received a zillion documents from what I can expect (60-70km of hiking with a 60lb pack on my back), to how I should be prepared (workouts 3-5 times per week) to an intense packing list of stuff to bring (a mosquito hat!) 

Now that this is very "real" and I have a deadline, I'm concentrating my efforts into getting into the shape of my life.  I like to think that I'm already in reasonably good shape, but in the last year, I've definately enjoyed good food and wine more than I have the intense workouts that I used to. 

Partially because I'm clumsy, and partially because I have the stiffest/tightest muscles known to man, I usually end up hurting myself if I do a gym workout or any kind of non-stretching focus classes.  As much as my body NEEDS yoga, it's not gonna satisfy my cardio or muscle building needs.  In my constant quest of finding the perfect workout that I won't hate, get bored of and can afford, I found the Dailey Method.  

The Dailey Method has been the perfect mix of stretching, strengthening and for lack of a better word, sheer torture.  It's a one hour class of core conditioning, strengthening and stretching.  If I had to sum it up, it's like a Pilates class on crack.  Yes, there's a lot of ab work, but I've never done a Pilates class that makes me sweat like the Dailey Method.  During class, my legs shake, I feel muscles in my butt that I never knew existed and at times, I'm convinced that death wouldn't be as painful as holding a stomach crunch position for more than a minute straight.  The next day, I feel like someone's punched me in the gut.  But the thing is (and I'm showing my masochist side here...) it feels good.  And as much as it hurts doing it, the next day I (mostly) feel great.  I'm convinced that the Dailey Method is going to be an important part in helping me get in shape for my Grand Adventure.  Well, at least until I'm ready to start practicing hikes with a 60lb pack on my back...

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