Friday, June 16, 2006

The Ultimate Prom Dresses

In honor of the 15th anniversary of my prom (has it been that long already?) I thought I'd celebrate the ultimate in prom dresses. So I've searched high and low (thanks to google) and I think I've come up with some winners (judge for yourself)

Example 1:

who knew that a salmon colored parade float could pass as a prom dress?

Example 2:

This beauty is called "royalty" Mermaid dresses may have been cool in the 80's when bad fashion was big, but there's no excuse to carry it over into the 21st century!

Example 3:

The best part of this dress is that the "which bra should I wear with this dress?" question answers itself...

Example 4:

This one speaks VOLUMES for itself!

Example 5:

This one is actually practical! You won't have to worry about your dress feeling too tight if you over eat! (though I personnally LOVE the hair!)

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