Saturday, June 24, 2006

Astrology for the dogs

I love my dog. She's an incredible ball of energy that does silly things each day. But I never knew that there are websites dedicated to doggy astrology! I've always taken astrology with a grain of salt. I'm an aquarian and when I read aquarian charachteristics, I see myself in some of them but then again they're usually written so vague that anyone can relate to some of what's written.

So for fun, I checked out Lucy's horoscope. Apparently she's a virgo (on the cusp of Libra) How funny is this?

Virgo pets are wonderful companions and make great friends. A sixth sense lets them know when you are unhappy or sick, and they are always there to comfort you. They are shy animals, preferring their own company, and are content to play by themselves. They are reserve and won't show their affections easily. Don't expect your Virgo pet to come running to you when you get home. They will gladly spend entire evenings lying at your feet or resting their head on your lap. They are fussy eaters

Lucy is a Jack Russell/mini Schnauzer cross and as you might imagine, has a TON of energy. There is NOTHING shy about her!!! When people stop by my place, she won't let anyone in until she has had a sufficient amount of belly rubs so the "shy" part couldn't be further from the truth. As for the "fussy eaters" part, I'm pretty sure it's not that common for a dog to eat cilantro leaves, ginger, mango, carrots and goose turds, but Lucy does so that cancels out the fussy part.

So if you want a laugh, here are some sites to check out your pets' astrology

Find Your Fate
Angels Astrology
Astrology Source

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