Friday, July 07, 2006

Kill me if I ever get this lonely!

Before I met my amazing man (Hi Honey!) I spent a lot of my adult life single. Though I was single, I always had enough going on in my life to keep me busy and relatively fulfilled. Sure there were long periods of time where I went without male affection and it would have been nice on some days to know you had someone of the opposite sex around to give you a hug. Apparently others out there feel the same way, and in true 21st century fashion, someone has made a club to address this lack of physical touch issue.

The Art of Loving in Vancouver, has all kinds of "interesting" seminars. Some highlights are; "The Art of flirting" (it's an "art"?), "Giving good head", "an introduction to swinging in Vancouver" (I wonder if they offer tips on how to avoid bosses and co-workers, because that would just be WRONG) and my personal favorite "Dating the ethnic man: Strategies for success". Listed along with these seminars though, is a monthly "cuddle club". For $30 a person, you get to partake in the cuddle club. For all you would be perverts who are thinking of copping a cheap feel, they bill this as competely non-sexual affair (all your clothes must stay on). But like any club, there are rules. Such as;

3.) Bring PJ’s, pillows or favorite blanket and a beverage….this can be thirsty work.

is Cuddling a sport? it doesn't usually make ME thristy!?!?!

5.) Always make a request or invite a cuddle or touch before hand.

Isn't that what you're there for? could you imagine how dejected someone would feel if they asked someone to cuddle and they said "NO" after they just paid to go and cuddle?

8.) Shower before the club party.

I'm sure everyone's thankful for this one... what would be worse than cuddling with a stranger with bad b.o!

12.) Sharing stories, making friends, laughing and perhaps crying has been known to occur.

this one time... in band camp.... what the HELL do you talk about while cuddling with someone you don't know?

14.) Thank your cuddle club friend when your inner authority tells you its time to move on or take a break.

your "inner authority"?!?!?!? is that like your "inner voice" the voices, the voices, make the voices STOP!!!!! but thanks for the cuddle....

I told my friend Tiramisu about this and she had the BEST idea... sign our boyfriends up for the cuddle seminar under the guise of a "how to give women great orgasm" seminar (payback's a bitch honey!). But now that I've blown the cover, it won't work! but DAMN! what a fine idea... I'd love to see the kind of people that go to this thing... I'm picturing the lonely middle aged accountant that shows up with his blankie and sucking his thumb!

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