Saturday, July 15, 2006

No Scruf? No thanks!

Being half Portuguese I've struggled with hair all my life. When I was born, I came out with a full head of hair, long eyelashes and a layer of hair on my back (which makes me question my mom's honesty when she said I was the most beautiful baby in the hospital) Needless to say, being part monkey in a hairless world has had it's challenges. I started shaving my legs when I was 12, and if it weren't for my religious appointments with Camelia (the best eyebrow groomer in the world!) I'd have the fiercest unibrow! So when I heard about this group of women, who as part of their rebellion against men with unshaven faces, stopped shaving, I was intrigued.

No Scruf Is the National Organization of Social Crusaders Repulsed by Unshaven Faces. Yes, apparently there is a group of women who have banded together and are so sick and tired of men getting away with not shaving every day, they have decided to stop shaving all together!!! The founder, Terry Tarentelli, is a swimsuit model who is fed up of the shaving inequalities between men and women. She believes this social injustice has to be stopped and has decided to stop shaving alltogether (I fervently scoured the internet looking for this unshaved beauty in a swimsuit with no success!!!) I'm still not convinced that this movement is not a huge publicity stunt, but apparently many women have joined their "movement" and they regularly hold rallies.

As much as my man would like to think that a couple days growth makes him as sexy as George Michael in his "Faith" days, it doesn't (sorry honey!) and yes, when he kisses me with said growth it can be uncomfortable. But in true optimist form, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! I take advantage of my "personal exfoliation" pad and use his scruf to scratch my back and exfoliate wherever it's needed (he usually gets tired of this quickly and shaves pronto) And yes, we as women can go on about how much more surface area we have to shave, how much longer it takes, and in the heat of the summer we have to do this EVERY DAY! But isn't this part of what makes us the "fairer" (and more superior) sex?

So for now, I'll continue with my religious hair removal and when my boyfriend is too lazy to shave and I'm sick of it, I'll continue to put him to work as my personal exfoliation pad.

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Anonymous said...

hey babe I can't remember what google search brought me to your pages, but your blog is funny. :-) Oh yeah something about pickup artists. but you might try the Epilady if you're sick of shaving everyday. I use it everywhere except my face and basically don't have to deal more than every few days. just a thought. cheers, NYC