Thursday, August 17, 2006

Build a better booty

My friend Theresa (aka Tiramisu) and I have decided that we'd like to build better bodies for the end of the summer and so, we have decided to join a boot camp. It's no cheesy bootcamp where they holler and scream at you and make you wear camouflage(the instructor tried to get Tiramisu to drop and do 10 cause she was late and Tiramisu laughed at her) It's offered through Dream_Athletica and the instructor is great. But I'm not going to lie, it's hell! A typical 90 minute workout burns between 800-1200 calories (to me, it feels like 15,000)

This bootcamp takes place outdoors, 90 minutes, twice a week overlooking coal harbor. We do a wide variety of ass-kicking activities such as: running up stairs, various drills, ab exercises that I feel for three days, and my all time least favorite: running. We're lucky as we have a small group (4-5 of us) and we spend much of the first 15 minutes laughing and joking. I'm sure we'd spend the next 75 minutes laughing and joking but we're too busy wiping the sweat off our bodies. Before I joined this bootcamp, I didn't think women could sweat, just "glisten" nicely. I was wrong!

Three weeks into the six week bootcamp, I don't feel any firmer yet. Which is odd, because by now, I'd have expected rock hard abs! (I'm telling you, it's ASS kicking) The funniest exercise that we do are these "jumps". Usually we do them up a hill (which is a challenge, let me tell you) Everytime we do them, I get the song "She drives me crazy" stuck in my head. why? Because in the "She drives me crazy" video they do EXACTLY the same move! (except in cool black and yellow suits and not up a hill!)

Halfway into this, I am noticing increased energy (who am I kidding? Most days I feel like I can move mountains) but sadly, I lack the rock hard abs and smaller pant size. I did however, show everyone my new "muscle" (everyone but my boyfriend laughed, he's nicely trained) I can see the start of definition, but I suppose it's subjective!

Here's hoping the remaining 3 weeks will provide me with much needed abs!

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