Thursday, September 14, 2006

I love Halloween. Give me any opportunity to dress up and I'm all over it. I think that's why I went into the clothing business and the fashion business. Give me an opportunity to dress up and I'm there. Last year, my co-workers and I dressed up like the village people. It was awesome. Most of my co-workers are as keen as dressing up as I am so it was fantastic. I was the Indian, but we had the construction worker, cowboy, motorcycle guy, and cop. At the time, we were down an employee and when we were interviewing people, we actually asked them "we have a group costume planned, are you willing to dress as the sailor if you are offered this job" (he did and now works with us) We did a group performance of "YMCA" which had the whole office roaring. So this year, we have a tough act to follow. We decided that this year's theme would be "superheroes" Since we don't know which superheroes to be, we turned to the internet. The Superhero Quiz has a little quiz that helped us out. We decided we would be whatever character the quiz decided. With questions like:

"do you like to fly" (of course, who doesn't?)
"are you accident prone" (who me?)
"are you VERY comfortable with your body" (I'm not sure what with VERY in capitals!)
"do you ever wear a pushup bra" (I plead the fifth)
"will you sometimes go too far to get your way" (define TOO far? do tears count?)
"are you obviously powerful" (over my dog, MAYBE)

It determines which superhero you are most like. So, I end up being "the Flash" Fast, Athletic and Flirtatious (supposedly). We have: Wonderwoman, Catwoman and The Green lantern lined up so far. This could be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I guess I'm a wonder woman. I did the test twice and that's what I came up with.... this is going to be interesting. (Tiramisu)