Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blender's "50 worst songs ever"

Blender magazine (a magazine I personally have never heard of nor read but puts out random "lists" of things, for attention I suppose) has put out it's list of "50 worst songs ever". EVER is a pretty strong word so I was intrigued and checked it out. For the most part, the list is accurate. I mean who doesn't agree that songs such as these are so annoying that you'd be willing to throw yourself out of a moving car if forced to listen to them!

My heart will go on (#50)
I'd do anything for meatloaf (#44) (I have a real problem with ANY meatloaf song)
Shiny happy people #35 (a horrible song, from a great band!)
Barbie girl #33 (made worse by the fact that my boyfriend and his friend sing it while drunk)
mmmmm mmmm #31 (the crash test dummies as a band are atrocious)
Sunglasses at night (#23)
Dancing on the ceiling (#20)
Kokomo (#12)
Don't worry be happy (#7)

I was shocked to see that songs like "macarena", "who let the dogs out", "my humps" and "patio lanterns" didn't make the list! I mean how could you forget how bad those songs were!!! But the true crime is the fact that they list "Party all the time" as the #8 all time worst song!!! that's a classic! "my girl wants to party, all the time, party all the time, party all the time" come on! genius lyrics! (never mind the fact that for the longest time I thought he was saying "potty" but still....) Bastards! I'll have to have a word with them!

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