Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rock your body

Meet the "OhMiBod". It's a vibrator powered off your ipod. But wait, there's more! Get this: it vibrates to the rhythm and intensity of your music. That makes me laugh... can you imagine listening to the White Stripes or any angry white boy music? you'd just about blow yourself up!!! You can even join their "club vibe" where

OMB users can instantly (and anonymously) become part of a fun, hip community called CLUB VIBE (ohmibod.com/clubvibe), where other OMB aficionados write about their experience, trade tips, share their favorite playlists, and more. Log into iTunes and search "OhMiBod" under the iMix section and see what music is turning other people on and purchase those songs quickly and easily!

So for fun, I checked out one of the playlists that would best "rock your body". Some songs on the playlist were "Crazy Love" (Van Morrison), "Sweet Jane" (Cowboy Junkies), "Crash into me" (Dave Matthews). (I was pleased that no heavy metal made the list)

I think the ipod is one of the great inventions ever, and now it has an added bonus! who knew?

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