Sunday, February 05, 2012

Cruising into the sunset of my 30's

Next week, will be the start of my last year as a "30's".  It's not that I'm afraid of aging nor that I'm going to start lying about my age.  After all, all those years of bouncers not believing I was old enough to get into bars is starting to pay off (Thanks mom for some amazing wrinkle free genes)

Of the few decades I've experienced in my life, my 30's have by far been the most action packed.  While a lot of people backpack, party and do anything wild in their 20's, my time has been in my 30's.  It's definately NOT been a boring decade!  Before turning 30, I'd been to 5 countries, was just getting established in my career and the craziest thing I did was jumping off a cliff in Tobermory, Ontario into the freezing cold waters of the Georgian bay.

In these past nine years, I've been to over 2 dozen countries, climbed to the top rung of my profession, moved to Europe and have done everything from skydiving, paragliding (in Argentina) whitewater rafting and surfing (on a hard board no less!) in Costa Rica and spent a month in Northern Canada using "nature's toilet" paper and gathering a whole lot of useful leadership skills.

While most people in their 30's are "settling down" it seems like I was just getting started (though I did have a brief interlude with marriage in there) There hasn't been a moment in my 30's that's been dull.  So as I prepare for my last year of a wild decade, I'm trying to think of all the exhilarating things I can pack into this last year.  Here's what I've come up with:

Wing suit flying- ok, I know this is aiming big, but it would be the best thrill by far.  Of all the things I've done, this does seems to be the least likely and not because it looks like it was conceived by Wil E Coyote as another way to devise a plan to catch the road runner!  Nor is it unlikely because I'd chicken out, but that in order to do it you need about 200 skydive jumps.  And well, since I have 199 to go, I just may bankrupt myself before I get to the stage of wing suit flying.  But a girl can dream....

Race car driving lessons- Now that this speed freak lives in the land of speed free autobahns, what more perfect skill to acquire than precision handling at 200 km/h! Luckily for me,  there are a number of schools available to help me thru.  So next fall, me, france, formula 1 lessons, I see that becoming a reality.

Canyoning in Slovenia- In June, I've booked a week in Bled, in the Julian Alps of Slovenia.  I've picked it because it's supposed to be naturally gorgeous with mountains, glacier lakes and plenty of bike trails.  However, it doesn't have to be boring.  The Julian Alps are known for some awesome canyoning.  Though I've done waterfall rapelling before, I like the idea of randomly jumping off a running waterfall.  When my parents built me, it seems they forgot to give me a fear gene when it came to anything adventurous!

Shortie-  The last time I went surfing, I got up on a hard board rather than those long floatie foamy ones.  Getting up on a hard board is no small feat and I was screaming like a little girl when it happened.  What better way to live up the last year in your 30's screaming like a little girl for a week straight? Spain. weeklong surf camp. check.

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