Monday, February 13, 2012

Popsy and friends

Well, I guess it's no surprise that alcohol and sex go hand and hand.  I'm pretty sure that when Adam tried to introduce the idea of sex to Eve, he may have done so after a few glasses of wine.  But still, what I received as a gift today made me blush.  It came in a non descript grocery bag, like it was embarrased to come out.  When I lifted it out of it's bag, I could see why.  When I stared at it's plastic container, I was puzzled for a few minutes and it took me a few minutes to compute and then. OH! and a slightly awkward feeling. What could POSSIBLY give me an awkward feeling you ask? Well, meet Popsy and friends!

Popsy and his pals are plastic sperm shaped "tubes" filled with alcohol. I'm not sure if people are supposed to think they're cute or not, but with painted eyes and perma surprise looking eyebrows, they kinda creep me out. If you try hard enough, you can pretend the colored ones are.... well, I'm not quite sure.  And then there's the white one.  Since my brother is a bartender, I've had to suffer thru one or two blowjob shooters over the years.  But even at that, those were slightly less offensive what with them being filled with baileys and whip cream and the less obviously phallic test tube.

Even though in Canada, we don't as obviously mix sex and alcohol (the bar where my brother works excepted) I can accept that these might be a "novelty" gift bought in a sex shop for a bachellorette party, but these were purchased at the equivalent of what would be a Wal-Mart!  Popsy, even has a creepy website of his own.  It doesn't say much, but apparently, he gets around.  On his events page, there are pics of him swimming throughout Germany. For instance, when "travelling" thru Koln, he dresses as a queen (even creepier if you consider that most Germans consider Koln the German equivalent of San Francisco in that it has a more prominent gay scene)  In Meinerzhagen, he spots a cow (!!!! I don't even want to know what THAT is supposed to mean about Meinerzhagenites!) and in Hamburg, he wears a condom (I guess it's best to play it safe in port cities...)

M, who gave them to me thought it would amuse me.  And it did sorta do the trick.  Now that I'm over the awkward feeling, I might milk a little entertainment out of Popsy.  I kinda think I'm going to leave them out next time friends are over.  Or perhaps I'll make a creative table arrangement with them aiming for a plate of deviled eggs.  We'll see.  But one thing is for sure, I'm sharing the Popsy love.  But first, I'll have to figure out which one is Popsy!


Caroline Hather said...

Do you know what 'poppen' means in German?! As if you thought they couldn't get anymore disturbing, the name roughly translates as 'f**ky and friends'!!

Anonymous said...

Actually...Popsy could even be a play on "Popp' Sie" which means "f*ck her".

Anonymous said...

"Popp' sie", not "Sie"...

Katherine said...

eeeeeewwww.... suddenly popsy has made me uncomfortable again!!!!

Anonymous said...

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