Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I feel the earth move

Even though I lived for 17 years along one of the biggest fault lines of the world, I only felt one small earthquake. Once in a while, there would be media panic on whether we were prepared for "the big one". My old office had an earthquake preparedness kit in my desk drawer (thankfully the emergency food supply looked so disgusting I was never tempted to eat it during an afternoon snack attack!)

Yet even though I've only lived in this part of the world 3 weeks, there have been 2 earth quakes. The first one I didn't feel because it was at 4am. The only reason I even know it happened was because my Facebook friends asked me and a neighbor told me she felt it.

The second one happened yesterday and the epicenter was a lot closer. I was in Milan for work meetings and the lady serving up breakfast panicked. I couldn't figure out what her issue was until she started saying "look at the chandeliers shaking and listen to the dishes rattling" I clearly must have been so concentrated on eating, I didn't feel it under my feet. I did however, see the chandeliers and hear the dishes. Luckily for us around here, all is good. The same can't be said for some of those near the epicenter :(

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