Friday, June 16, 2006

But can they sing?

Last summer, my guilty pleasure was a show called "Hit me baby one more time" . It was a show where they brought in one hit wonders (think PM Dawn and the group that sang 867-5309) The groups had to sing the song they made famous and another from today's top 10, the "best" group won $50,000 for their charity. I loved that show and wish they would bring it back.

So Friday night, I'm sitting at home (it was actually a nice luxury) and since there was nothing on between 9 and 10 (it was a repeat on "what not to wear" which was my first choice) I came upon this show called "But can they sing?" It's on Much More music on friday nights at 9pm. It's a collection of b list celebrities such as Morgan Fairchild, Michael Copon, Antonio Sabato Jr., Bai Ling, Joe Pantoliano, Kim Alexis, Carmine Gotti, Myrka Dellanos and Larry Holmes (I have honestly not heard of most of these people). Anyhow, said "b" list celebrities get up on stage and sing. The "best" of the non-singing celebrities win $50,000 for their charity.

It was pathetic. Morgan Fairchild sang "I believe" by Cher, the Gotti boy (who came out on stage with a super soaker water gun) sang "My Perrogative" by Bobby Brown (he didn't know the song. It was horrible. But it was like a car crash, I couldn't turn away!!!! so guess what I'm doing next friday night?

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HotRob said...

So next Friday night you are going out with your boyfriend. Is that what you are saying?