Saturday, June 10, 2006

Now the geek you went to high school with can buy himself a date

So I heard about this website the other day and I think it's hilarious. The Millionaires club is a matchmaking service (which I consider myself to have some knowledge on, since this is how I met my man... ;) ) which caters only, to you guessed it, millionaires. So now, the geek you went to high school with (who in my experience is either a millionaire or in jail) can buy himself a date!

for $10,000 US you get the "gold" membership which includes; a year of unlimited dating in your area/one state only. (as many dates as you wish), 1/2 hour date coaching session with the dating coach in your area, 1/2 hour relationship counseling session with the relationship counselor in your area, 1/2 hour image consulting session with the image consultant in your area and 1/2 hour hypnotherapy session with the hypnotherapist in your area

Now I don't know about you, but most geeks I know need a WHOLE lot more than 1/2 hour image consulting! so, for an additional $10,000 the millionaires club will offer you a whole hour with an image consultant (as well as a hypnotherapist). Besides, what's an extra $10,000 to a millionaire anyhow?

But don't think that just ANY millionaire can join in the club. Besides, this is a reputable establishment. While you don't NEED to prove that you actually own millions of dollars, the questionnaire does ask how many houses you own and how many companies you own. And if you're a millionaire with a restraining order against you, forget it; you can't join.

Apparently all these lonely millionaires want women with the 3M's (Madonna in the bedroom, Martha Stewart in the home and Mary Poppins in the nursery) as well as someone who is educated and of course, attractive. It's free for women to join, and for a laugh, check out some of their canadian specimens. My favorite is this one (LOVE the stance...) I bet SHE cooks a mean beef tenderloin

I don't know about you, but an hour with an image consultant and an hour with a hypnotherapist STILL does not make me want to date the high school geek!


Peter Matthes said...

I guess money still cannot buy love.

Anonymous said...

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