Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Did someone steal the stars from the sky...

I guess single guys all over the world are discovering that cheesy lines get nothing but laughter. (I swear to God, a guy said to me in a bar once "Do you clean your pants with windex? Cause I can see myself in them")

The Mystery Method has come along to rescue these poor sods! Their best selling seminar is the Mystery Method Bootcamp. This is how they sell it:

"Imagine spending 25-30 hours over a weekend with the world's top pickup artists, who will teach you everything from how to attract beautiful women in any situation to how to find and get the type of long-term girlfriend you want. At a bootcamp, you get to see and hear Mystery's techniques - many of which are brand new and not available online or in any other program. You get to see the instructors use these techniques - live - so you can learn how it works in the real world, not in someone else’s theory. In these unscripted interactions with multiple beautiful women, the Mystery Method is put to the test every night of every program. Not only do we prove that it works; we’ll show you how it can work for YOU."

Personally, I couldn't imagine spending 25-30 hours with the world's pickup artists. I think my eyes would permanently roll back into my head and I'd be tired of saying "give up" Nonetheless, for $1600, you too can learn from the "world's pickup artists" on how to find and "get" the type of girl you want.

I prefer the old fashioned way of laughing in the face of cheesy lines. I've always said that men are so much better than women at rejection, they're so much more used to it!

Learn (& laugh) about The Method


Hot Rob said...

Hey I took that course and it worked wonders for me.

Katherine said...

Good Lord Honey, what would you have been like BEFORE the course?

Armory of Thought said...

Interesting - I don't see you mention anywhere that you have taken even a small amount of time to learn about what you mock so easily. Not much courage in that....the game and what Mystery teaches is NOT about cheesy lines or trickery. It's self improvement at it's finest. Nobody advocates lying to women. It's about giving men the confidence to go out and find a HIGH VALUE woman (value = more than just good looks) that he so craves. It is not easy for a man to approach random women and just "be himself" - this is something women can't possibly understand. Don't knock something until you take the time to learn something about it. Have a good holiday! :)