Monday, January 25, 2010

Ode to my Christian Louboutins (or why I need a shoe intervention)

I'm in Hong Kong for work (I still pinch myself at the fact I have a job that pays me to get on a plane a couple of times a year).  In the past year, I've been to Hong Kong for work 4 times.  By being here so often, I've come to know what's a tourist trap (temple street market, Nathan road), what's unique (Cheung Chau Island) and where the good places to shop are (Rise commercial center, granville road)

For the most part, Hong Kong is not unlike most large North American cities.  It is however, the definition of super consumerism.  You literally can't walk anywhere without bumping into a short or restaurant.  For the most part, I'm not drawn to shopping in Hong Kong.  For clothes, it's either high end designer or cheap knock off.  Or at least that's my excuse, because clothes shopping in HK exacerbates my already poor body image ("top that fit you???? No fit, you too fat" For the record- I'm a north american size 8, HARDLY plus size)  So while my size 2 collegue shops for clothes, I look down.  And down I've come to learn, is where it's at: SHOES!

Black ones, red ones, flat ones, stillettos, short boots, tall boots, HK has them all!  In my past few HK visit, I've come home with no less than 2 pair per trip (and that was exercising a lot of self control) However, packing for this trip made me realize my closet has run out of space for even one more.

It's rough being an urban multi faceted woman you know.  Because of my hobbies, I need way more footwear than the average girl (that's my excuse) For the sporty me, I have rock climbing shoes, cross country ski boots, downhill ski boots, winter hiking boots and 2 pair of summer hikers.  For the fashiony me, I have black stilettos, red stilettos and every imaginable color and heel shape possible.  For the practical me, I have flat shoes and boots to go with everything.

The last pair of HK shoes I returned with were the lovely Christian Louboutins beauties in the pic.  They called to me (I swear!) I saw them in the Mong Kok shop (the only pair) and it was lust at first sight! Like the glass slipper that the prince brought to Cinderella, they fit perfectly. They are the epitome of sexy. 5" of black patent, red soled sexy.  To me, perfection of design.  Way too perfect to sit in a box in a closet waiting to be commissioned into service once or twice a year.  So, in order to give them the admiration and worship they deserve, I've proudly displayed them on the shelf in my bedroom.  They're one of the first things I see in the morning, and one of the last before I go to sleep.  They have yet to see concrete, or step foot outside of the carpeted haven of my apartment.  For all of their beauty and sexiness, they lack comfort.  Because of their 5" height and my size 6.5 feet, I feel like I'm going to topple over in them (and I'm used to heels!) so, like a good sports car owner who lets their beauty sit in the driveway, the bookshelf in my bedroom might be my Louboutins fate. Oh, but they're so sexy!

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