Sunday, January 17, 2010

Salentein reserve Malbec 2007 = delicious

Last month, I was in South America for a trip I called my divorcemoon (in short- since marriages are celebrated with a honeymoon, divorces should get a divorcemoon)  While in Mendoza, Argentina, I discovered a ton of wines and learned a lot about Malbec.  Last night I (with the help of friends) opened one of the bottles I brought back.

The winery is called Salentein and it's in the Uco Valley near Mendoza (in the shadows of the Andes)  The wine that I brought back was a 2007 reserve Malbec.  After drinking many types of Malbecs in Argentina, I've learned that I prefer an oaked Malbec.  The oak aging tends to make a smoother Malbec.  Using French versus Amercian oak is even smoother.  The longer the time the wine is in oak, the better the flavor.  The amount of time in oak varies from a few months to a maximum of about 18.  The Salentein reserve Malbec has been aged in French oak for 14 months.  This wine was so unbelievably smooth and delicious. I can't remember exactly how much it was at the winery, but it was definately less than CDN$15.  I know BC liquor stores doesn't carry it and I have yet to scour the private liquor stores to see if it's available.  But if you like a smooth, full bodied red and are able to find this, I fully recommend!

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Geediu said...

Hi Katherine,
Came across your post while I am searching for this very same malbec - any luck finding them at local private stores?

Joe C.
Vancouver BC